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Energy networks
Gerlinde Brixius, CC, ALB - March 16, 2019

When you love to meet people, discover new places, learn something new even professional networking can be enjoyable. I not only found my job in New York and the SEC Roughriders Toastmasters Club this way, but also many of my first and to this day best friends in the city.

But what when you don’t like to network, when you can’t find the time, or everyone in the room looks like the right person – how can you connect with the right people fast? For cases like this I use what I call the Jeffrey Allen method. Jeffrey Allen is a well-known energy worker. His networking method is a simple attract and connect. It has just three steps: 1. Set your intention 2. Connect with anyone who might be a match and 3. Deliver your message. So simple, it’s easy to forget. But I remembered it recently when I had to visit a trade show that I didn’t like, in a venue I don't want to go to, and with very little time available. But I had to go. Before entering the hall with swarms of people – leaning against the wall, I took a deep breath and closed my eyes to set an easy intention - make the time there productive. I focused on the energy in the room… on myself in the room… felt myself connecting…. and delivering my message. I came away with 8 really good leads, in less than half an hour, they just showed up. That day – as on other occasions, it was totally worth pausing a moment and spending a few minutes upfront to connect with the people and the place. For increased networking output, next time remember: Energy networks !

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