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It's a boy!
Gerlinde Brixius, CC, ALB - May 16, 2019

Fellow Roughriders, greetings! Just minutes before the weekly meeting closed today, the news arrived : Natalia Sucha, our current Club Presient had given life to a baby boy ! Long awaited, Damian was born in the evening on May 14th, a healthy 8lb and 8oz. "We are still processing this big miracle and look forward to taking him home from the hospital tomorrow" writes Natalia. On behalf of the entire club family, hearty congratulations!


Richa Malhotra, CC, CL - May 27, 2019

Thanks for sharing, Gerlinde! And congratulations, Natalia!!! :)))). Can't wait to see pictures.

Melody Chang - July 09, 2019

Amazing news. Congratulations!

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